Roloc Quick Release System

The Roloc system is designed to deliver results and speed up time consuming jobs, in particular grinding, deburring, blending, removing weld splatter, paint or rust and finishing both flat and hard to reach surface areas. The easy to use, colour-coded Roloc fixing system saves time and labour cost and improves productivity.

The range of 3M and Scotch-BriteTM products available with a Roloc fixing include:

  • Fibre Discs
  • Surface Conditioning Discs
  • Unitised Discs
  • Unitised Wheels
  • Coating Removal Discs
  • Cloth Discs
  • Flap Brushes
  • Clean & Strip products

3M also partner with recognised machine builders such as Chicage Pneumatic (CP) to bring you a range of machine deals - a cost effective way to improve a sanding operation at a discounted price.

The 3M Roloc & CP Machine Deal comprises a CP die-grinder plus 200 3M 777F coated abrasive discs and 200 Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Discs.